Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Online Opportunities

There are so many opportunities for writers online. There are groups, challenges, webinars, classes, and the list goes on. There are free opportunities, and paid opportunities. There is something for every writer, one only has to look and decide what is right and beneficial for them.

I, personally, happen to love all the opportunities available online. I try to take advantage of as many as I can. Time permitting. I feel like I learn so much from the various writing groups I am a part of, and the different challenges that I participate in.

One such challenge just finished in March: ReFoReMo. This challenge is all about using picture books as mentor texts to better improve our own writing. I love this type of challenge, because this is an important part of my writing. I always use mentor texts when writing a specific manuscript. I also feel that reading in the genre you want to write in will make you a better writer. ReFoReMo is fun, because not only are we challenged to read picture books every day, but we also get guest posts by authors, illustrators, editors, and other people in the picture book industry. I love learning from others. I felt the guest posts were filled with information writers can use and apply to their own writing.

But I have yet to tell you the best part of participating this year. I won one of the prizes. Since I read picture books every day, and commented on all the posts, I was randomly selected to win the online course: Art of Arc from Alayne Kay Christian. I am very excited about this prize. It is yet another online opportunity for me to learn and grow as a writer.

So what are you waiting for? Go online, and find the next opportunity for you.