Thursday, November 12, 2015

Think and Act Like a Kid

As a writer for children, I have to make sure that I remember to think and act like a kid. This means that I skip, jump in puddles, dance in the rain, swing, go down slides, explore, find new things, put things in my pockets, be silly, dance without refrain, laugh, play, and the list goes on and on. Luckily, for me, I like thinking and acting like a kid. It's fun. It makes me see the world with new eyes. And it makes me a better writer. So excuse me while I stop blogging, and I go climb a tree.

1 comment:

  1. Gosh, I do almost A-L-L of the time. Scary. You're most definitely excused, maam - we must revert to our child sometimes to halt the influx of the oppressive world. Lemme tella youse summore savvy experiences I experienced...

    I'd like very much to share the extraordinary, sterling beauty of Seventh-Heaven which I have actually seen due to our accident...

    Dat da fact, Jack: death is #@!!☆ smug and inevitable withe expression of a wet towel; but! alas! our demise shall befall U.S. all. Some go to the other side while most never return. If you wanna continue, girl, I'll explain how I actually saw the other side and returned...

    CAUTION: Our 24-wildchild, flame-thrower, germ-warFAIR-blogs are a total wasteOtime ...yet, a total wealth of bottomless inferences, nuanced sophistication, and synonymous metaphors which shall creep stealthily across thy brain like the vivid, brazen dawn. And, frankly, I wouldn't be too concerned about what the bionic, bloated, whorizontal world thot about me, dear; I'd be much more worried about what JESUS shall say at the General Judgement.

    First, why else does a moth fly from the night than to a bold, attractive candle Light? Don't let His extravagant brilliance be extinguished, girl. You're creative, yes? Then fly-away with U.S. to the antidote: apathy is the glove in which evil sticks his bloody hand on this dying earth.

    Meet this ex-mortal Upstairs for the most extra guhroovy, pleasure-beyond-measure, party-hardy-reality-show-addiction 24/7 you DO NOT wanna miss, where the Son never goes down from a VitSee-ing, ultra-passionate, YOUTHwitheTRUTH in which you'll find nonillions X nonillions X nonillions... of deluxe-cubed-HTTP (<-- pi) opportunities for enveloping, engulfing excitement; where you'll looove an endless eternity of aplomBOMBs falling ALL over thy incredible, indelible cranium, as you'll have an XtraXcitinXpose with an IQ much higher than K2 resulting in an explosion of obscene exuberance.

    Last, here's what the prolific, exquisite GODy sed: 'the more you shall honor Me, the more I shall bless you' -the Infant Jesus of Prague.

    Go git'm, girl. You're incredible.